Translator's Preface

The first English draft of this work appeared almost a decade ago. When the official Italian text appeared in 1995 several provinces began their translations of it into their respective languages.  The English text has had to wait a bit for its coming to maturation.  It is now presented to you on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Mother Margareta Pucher’s death - March 6, 1901.

Memoirs, especially when they are memories of persons who actually lived with the one being remembered, are powerful means for those who came afterward to get to know that person better.  Often it is the little seemingly insignificant incidents recalled that give us a better image of what a person was like than hundreds of pages of documents could ever do.  Memories provide us with a way of seeing our story and those of others in a new light, but if memories are not shared much is lost.

This English volume of the memoirs gathered by Sr. Hedvika Puntar will have two types of footnotes: those of Sr. Hedvika and some translator’s notes that have been added as a result of the recent research done in Rome between 1998-1999.  The translator’s notes will be preceded by an indication of this.  All other footnotes are Sr. Hedvika’s.